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Managing Remote Teams During the COVID-19 Pandemic

remote working tips

Are you worried about managing your business’ remote teams during the current coronavirus pandemic?

John Williams, Head of Marketing at Instant Offices, shares his advice on how to overcome the challenges of managing a remote team, and highlights the main pros and cons of remote working in the long-term… (more…)

How to Perfect a Business Continuity Plan for Remote Working

tips on managing staff remote working

Across the globe, millions of employees are being advised to begin distant or home working, but managing and coordinating a remote workforce is unfamiliar territory for many business owners.

We asked Paul Jeffrey of cloud solutions and continuity experts Iomart to share his must-do tips on maintaining resilience and integrity when employees have to work away from the office. (more…)

Small Business Loans with Impaired Credit? What Criteria Does a Business Loan Guarantor Need to Meet?

business loan guarantor for bad credit

You’ve big ideas for your business. You’ve identified how much cash you need to bring the next stages of your vision to life and projected a healthy return on investment.

So, it can be somewhat deflating when you apply for a business loan and despite a strong business plan, your bank declines your application. Particularly if it’s because of past credit issues. (more…)

Guide to Cash Flow Management

how to solve cash flow problems

Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business, and managing it effectively can mean the difference between make or break.

When we refer to cash flow management, we’re talking about making sure there is enough cash available to cover all your outgoing expenses. If your outgoings are more than your sales and you run out of cash to pay staff or suppliers, your business will risk insolvency. (more…)

Budget 2020 – Summary for Small Businesses

Budget 2020 small business

In the face of Brexit uncertainties and the COVID-19 outbreak the new Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, delivered his first Budget.

He announced a number of measures to help both individuals and businesses to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, and these are summarised in this Budget Summary which comes courtesy of our friendly accountants, HFM; (more…)

3 Ways You Can Turn ‘creative luck’ Into a Skill

Luck is a skill - how to get lucky with creative thinking

In the permanent disruption of the 2020s, the ability to invent new products, processes and value propositions is critical for any business.

Not surprisingly, there’s a growing premium placed on individual creative-thinking as it invariably sparks the journey towards innovation, so we asked author and speaker, Greg Orme, to explain how you can harness your full creative potential. (more…)

How to Survive Tough Times in Business

Running a small business can be a bit of a roller-coaster. Just when you think everything is going smoothly, an unexpected shock can hit your business and all of a sudden, your business is experiencing a very tough time. So how do you turn your business around when times are bad, and all seems lost? […]

12 Common Presenting & Public Speaking Myths De-Bunked

If you have ever had to make an important presentation or a big pitch, you will have had  words of wisdom showered upon you. Although well-intentioned, much of that advice however is misguided, so we asked Anthony Garvey of Toastmasters International to reveal the most common myths when it comes to public speaking and presenting.

3 Popular Myths About AI in Business

In all industries, businesses are starting to realise the potential AI (artificial intelligence) can bring; strengthening decision-making whilst automating complex and time-consuming tasks. Through the power of AI, businesses can help to streamline their operations, increasing efficiency and overall productivity.

4 Ways to Avoid Hiring Expensive Business Consultants

Whether you are a start-up or an established small business, you are likely to come across a challenge that requires outside input at some point in your business’s journey. But consultants are expensive – for most SMEs, too expensive, so here are some alternatives that can help you out of a hole, without breaking the […]

7 Staff Engagement Tips for Start-Ups & SMEs

Small businesses and start-ups often provide a more flexible approach to work. That might be working from home a couple of days a week, working remotely, flexitime on core hours, flexibility for parenting duties and perhaps a more relaxed working environment.

McKenzie Friend & Paralegal – The Key Differences

You know things, we all know things – some useful (i before e, except after c), some less so (only one King in a pack of cards doesn’t have a moustache). But sometimes we only think we know things. For example, if you need to go to court, you must employ a solicitor … right? […]

A Guide to Employers Liability Insurance

PROMOTED GUIDE – This is a promoted guide from our Insurance Partner, Digital Risks. Digital Risks, offers affordable, highly personalised business insurance as a flexible, monthly subscription.   When starting out as a small business, hiring your first employee is a big milestone. With that comes great responsibility for you as a business owner as […]

Why Collaborative Working and Open Offices are the Future

The office environment is now the frontline of employee engagement, with businesses everywhere investing in their working spaces for the benefit of staff. The right working space will improve productivity and the bottom line through a series of benefits that we’ll detail below.

Small Company Directors – 9 Timeless Ways to Cut Your Tax Bills

So it’s February and chances are you’ve just paid your personal tax bill. Having already paid your corporation tax. As a small company director, it’s always useful to look at your combined tax bill (both personal and company) to ensure you’re not robbing Peter to pay Paul. So we asked Jonathan Amponsah of The Tax […]

Choosing to Lead – 4 Tips for Aspiring Leaders & Game Changers

Becoming a business owner and an entrepreneur is deciding to become a leader. As a leader, your actions, behaviours and attitudes decide the ultimate fate of your business. With leadership being vital, Florian Bay, explores some of the pitfalls leaders can fall into, and the steps you can take to lead your business to success.

The Brexit Checklist for UK Tech Companies

With the UK finally set to leave the UK, businesses are now waiting to see what the post-Brexit trading relationship with the EU will be like. With a lack of clarity on what the future holds, Ritam Gandhi, founder of Studio Graphene, shares steps that UK tech companies can take to future-proof their business.

How To Set Up a Loan Broker Company

In many cases, acting as a broker and introducer for a business can be more profitable than being the company that actually lends the money. Typically, there can be 5 or 10 times more brokers than there are lenders in an industry and they will usually receive a fee for every application, or a commission […]

Why Every Leader Needs Behavioural Flexibility & How to Achieve It

Leadership is one of the most written about topics in business. You can be an ‘Authentic Leader’, a ‘Facilitative Leader’ or an ‘Agile Leader’. Some of these labels may have currency, others do not. What is true is that there is no one, indisputable, formula for effective leadership.

What’s My Business Worth? How to Value a Small Business

When it comes to buying or selling a business, the most important question you need to ask is – how much is it worth? There is no single formula that can be used to precisely value every private business. The seller will want to drive the price up, and potential buyers will want the opposite.

The Betting Industry and its Relationship with Football

The betting industry has developed a significant relationship with one of the most popular games in the world – football. Through sponsorships, advertising and other various deals, football and betting have become strongly linked to one another.

9 of the Best & Fastest Ways to Improve Your Website Results

The majority of small business owners recognise the power of digital marketing and that a website is a must have. With limited funds and marketing budget, most small businesses tend to buy their website from an agency or designer that does everything. However, as Tim Butler, founder of Innovation Visual explains, this might not be […]

From Bronze to Bitcoin: How Money has Evolved Over the Years

For the past 3,000 years, money has become an essential part of the way we exchange goods and services. It has helped humanity to survive and grow, enabling people to exchange their hard work for food, shelter, transport and more.

The Benefits of Virtual Phone Numbers for Small Businesses

Despite uncertainties over Brexit and a volatile political climate, the number of small businesses in the UK continues to grow year on year. According to the Federation of Small Businesses, there were 5.8 million new startups in 2019, representing a 3.5% increase on the previous year.